Bull Riding!

Yes, real bull riding - professional and everything. Okay, so I'll start from the beginning. Last week Anna and I decided to venture out to the Anoka County Fair to take in some bull riding. Something I've always thought would be fun - that or a rodeo - but never thought I would be able to talk someone into going with me. Turns out, Anna has been thinking the same thing. Man, you'd think we're related?!?! (for those reading this blog who don't know us, we actually are related. twice.)

Anyways, it was a blast! So much fun to watch those cowboys try and stay on for eight whole seconds, which turns out is quite a lot longer when you're on a bull. One thing we thought was kind of cool too was they have an organization called "Cowboys for Christ" which the announcer talked a little bit about before everything got under way. And before the event started we saw a sea of cowboy hats across the arena all head back to one of the trailers, gather in a circle and take their hats off to pray. I just thought it was neat to see that at a public event.

Well, here are the pictures I got. Not too many since I was too busy watching and oohing and awwwing after the cowboys would get thrown off and then jump right back up to get out of the bull's way! They've got to be some of the toughest people alive!


Happy Anniversary!

A belated Happy Anniversary that is. To Derek and Jill! They celebrated their sixth year of marriage while we were camping last weekend. Micah and I surprised them with a cake and a little gift for Jill. Well, for Derek too :) Happy Anniversary, guys! Love you both!!


I've been trying...

....to blog. Really. Our internet and cable has been out since Monday! Can you believe we've gone three whole days without a tv or internet?!? It can be done, folks, it can be done. Comcast came out this afternoon to save the day though. Poor Steph hasn't been able to do her assignments for her online class! And Anna and I have just been deprived of our browsing of the information superhighway during the evenings.

Anyways, I digress. Last weekend I met my brother, a couple cousins and their wives up in Ely for a little weekend camping trip. It was so much fun! I really like to camp. Not set up the tent or any of that stuff.....but I like to camp. Oh, and only if there's showers! So basically I like the bonding part of it. And the bonfires. And s'mores.

The first night we were there the resort ran out of firewood. So every once in awhile, as we were sitting around our dying fire, Derek would disappear and come back with a bunch of sticks and branches from dead trees in the woods. Well, one time he came back with practically a tree. It was hilarious to see! So Darby and Jerem got out the saw and started hacking away. And we were set for the rest of the night!

On Saturday, Jill had arranged for us to tour the Soudan Mine, which is known as the "Cadillac of mines" and was about a half hour away. It was the one of the coolest things I've done! We got to ride down about 2300 feet underground in an old elevator shaft that the miners used back in the day and then ride a little rail car (which is what they used to use to send the iron out of the mines) a mile and a half into the mine and then take a little tour and a history lesson of the mine! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it!

The guys thought it was especially cool that they were selling Pasties outside the mine. Pasties are an "Iron Range" classic that's basically a pot pie when you're anywhere else! But for $4 - who could resist?

Thanks, Jill, for planning such a fun excursion and a great weekend!!



Yes, surprise, I'm blogging.

But also, look who surprised me for my birthday on Monday. My parents! They drove six hours down here to take me out for dinner!! They showed up at my sand volleyball game and then took Anna and I to Red Lobster (yum!) afterwards! They also brought a dozen pink beautiful roses, a singing balloon, and a home-made birthday cake! Thanks, mom and dad, you're the BEST!

On Sunday night I had a "black and white" birthday dinner at Bella with friends. Who knew turning 23 could be so exciting! hehe.