Winter Wonderland.............AGAIN!!

Just after noon today I glanced out my window at work and it was snowing like crazy! And I mean CRAZY! Almost a white out. Yes, it had been in the forecast, but really, it seems like they've been forecasting snowstorms all winter where we only end up getting a dusting. So I wasn't really believing them.

I left work early and had to wait while two buses passed me by that were absolutely packed with people. About an hour and a half later (which was much better than I expected) I finally made it home and decided to start shoveling out the driveway, just to get a head start since it was still snowing. Anna, Steph and I all grabbed a shovel and got the job done in no time at all - there was probably four inches on the ground.

So I came in, had a little supper, and then headed off to the gym. And hour later I get home and the driveway is completely covered again, and it's still snowing and blowing like crazy! What a day! Just yesterday our driveway had no snow in it and the roads were all dry.

Is it just me or does it seem like this winter will never end? That's okay though because Anna and are I planning a little sunny beach vacation getaway, which is sounding better and better every day! I think maybe I'll head over to Orbitz.com now and check out ticket prices. Myrtle Beach, here we come!!