So Long.....for now

You've probably noticed I haven't really been around the blogging world for awhile (since February to be exact).  As you all I'm sure know, I got engaged the end of February and life has been pretty busy ever since trying to pull together a July wedding.

But I have been thinking about my blog off and on during this time.  Thinking "should I update about my wedding plans?"  "Should I update about this?"  "Should I update about that?"  But, really, updating the blog just always came last on my list of to-do's.  So I've come to the conclusion to close up shop - for now.  I mean, after all, the title of my blog is "Just Christa," and let's face it, it's no longer just Christa in the picture.

I'm not positive yet if I'll blog again after I change my last name.  I'm hoping I will have more time to pay attention to a blog once I'm married and not planning a party for 300 people.  So if I decide to take the plunge again, you'll definitely be the first to know! 

Thanks for faithfully reading my blog for the last few years!!  Hope to see you again soon!