This and That

On Memorial Day weekend, which was the weekend after I came home from South Carolina (yes, May was a really busy month for me), I drove home for the weekend to see my cousin Katelyn graduate. Which makes me feel really old since I started babysitting her right after she was born! I didn't actually attend the graduation though. Mom and I were of the select few that stayed behind to get all the food and decorations ready. Man, was there a ton of food. But the party turned out really nice! Congrats, Kate!!

Also that weekend we had a bonfire with the Block cousins. It's so fun to see the kiddos getting so big already! Here's Abby and Greta, who are so cute and such good friends already. Speaking from experience, it's so nice to grow up being close friends with your cousins! Right, Jill? Katie??

The weekend following Memorial Day was another trip "up north" to cousin Steph's wedding. Again, I'm not the best at picture-taking. So my only picture was this - Keith was such a card that day and practically begged to take a picture with me. And, no, I don't know why I'm crouched down the way I am! I'm just weird, okay?

That pretty much sums up the month of May for me, so I think I've pretty much caught you up. Don't worry, there will be more to come. My nephew Jace is spending about five weeks with grandma and grandpa this summer and I'm headed up there this weekend to see everybody! Don't worry, I'll try not to leave you hanging for another month with no blogging.


Catching Up

I have to apologize to my faithful blog followers. It's been far too long, I know. I didn't realize how far behind I was. So let's get up to date in the life of Christa.

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my blog. In May it was one year. Crazy how time flies, huh?

Also in May, Jenn Rivers and I once again flew south to our favorite conference in Seabrook, SC. But this year we left a day early to visit Brian and Stacy and the boys in their new home, which is only an hour from Seabrook! Jenn took lots of good pictures, so I didn't use my camera much. (I don't think Jenn will mind, so here's a link to view her pictures.) But we spent a day with the Blomquists on base in Beaufort, SC, watching the Blue Angels perform in an air show for military families. I've never been to an air show, and it was AMAZING!!

After this maneuver, Noah (Stacy's youngest), said, "Mom, it was AWESOME that the jets didn't bonk each other." Indeed it was! That was my favorite quote of the day.

After dinner at a cute little restaurant on the water, Jenn and I headed down to Seabrook for the rest of the weekend. The first picture I took was of this sailboat. Later that afternoon I went for a little swim in the ocean and left my camera on my towel and when I came back, the camera had sand in it and the lens wouldn't close. So the next (and last picture of the weekend for me) one is a little dark. The camera is working a little better now, but the lens still doesn't close all the way. It might be time for an upgrade :)

As you may, or may not, notice in the picture, Mike Attwood was the speaker this year. He had some fabulous messages on Levitical offerings and how to really understand the New Testament, one should really have an understanding of the Old Testament. The one drawback of the conference is that none of the messages are taped. I would really have liked to get a set of cd's to bring home and listen to again and again.

Mr. Attwood had just returned from 11 days in Kenya with Scott DeGroff. One of the many interesting stories he told is that they preached the gospel in the village where President Obama's grandfather is from and hundreds professed salvation that day after hearing the Good News!