Summer's Here!

I know a new post is always more exciting with pictures. So sorry bout your luck, but I don't have any pictures to post.

Just wanted to say I had the most relaxing perfect summer weekend. That's all. Spent most of the day Saturday at the beach with a friend reading a book and working on that tan. Then spent the evening at the movie theater for my second time at a GREAT movie.

Sunday morning was spent worshipping the Lord, then spent Sunday afternoon relaxing and finishing my book once again on the beach! After the evening meeting tonight I came home and mowed the lawn, weeded the flower garden, and watered all my flowers. Couldn't have planned it better if I tried. Summer is officially here!


I had this video sent to me in an email and I thought it was pretty funny. Guys are such wimps sometimes!



Saturday was a gorgeous night after a long day on the boat, so we decided to have a little bonfire! Gina was home for a little vacay from Florida, so her and Jenny and Wade and Lacy all came over for some smores!

Kyle and his Lacey, also came over. And of course, crazy cousin Katelyn! Just kidding, Kate, we don't think you're that crazy! Then later Jay and John Clark showed up! Jay is home on leave from West Point, so he and Jordan compared Army stories.

We tried to keep the flames going as long as we could.....I think we finally gave up and the fire was pretty much out by 1 am. But that was fine by me, we were all pretty wiped!



Thought I'd post some pictures for ya'll from my weekend up north. Jordan flew in last Friday morning from Ft. Bragg, so I picked him up from the airport and we headed north. This winter while Jordan was in Iraq, he and Darby decided to go in together and buy a boat - great decision! I love it. It's a 20-foot Skeeter (means nothing to me either, I just think it looks cool) However, they've named it "Skeeter Done". Go figure.

Saturday morning the boys started getting the boat ready, they sent me to buy the bait (?!), and the three of us and mom (dad had a shooting school all day) were on the lake before noon. It was pretty windy, but Darby just calls that a good walleye chop. And he would know! There was a little sun here and there - enough so that both the boys and mom got pretty red. I'm not sure how I missed out on that. But I also missed quite a few fish. I fed about ten or twelve fish my minnows. But for the first time ever I baited my own hook - all day!

Mom, however, put on a fishing clinic for us. She won in all three categories: first fish, biggest fish, and most fish! She was awesome! Darby even started to get a little mad and had to change rods so he could feel the bite better. He started to catch up, but it wasn't enough to beat mom's total of five keepers! Of course I only got a picture of the smallest one.

The boys kept yelling at me when I wanted to take pictures of all the fish. "We're not tourists!" I ended up being the only one without a keeper for the day. I did catch three, but they were all just a little too little. Oh well. It was a great day on the lake! Thanks, boys, for letting girls in your boat!


first things first

So I have a bit of catching up to do in the way of blogging. But first things first. Most of you know I have a bit of a weakness for bags - I don't know why. But I also just so happen to have an amazingly talented friend who must have a bit of the same weakness as I do......only she can make her own instead of having to save her hard-earned money to buy the one bag she just has to have! Okay, so for me it's usually more than just one.

I say all this because I bought a new bag last week! Surprised? Don't be. I bought one tonight too, but that's a whole nother blog! This one is really cool though because my friend, Naphtali, made it for me!! Here it is in all its glory...

I love it! It's completely functional - I've been carrying it to work for the last week and even took it up north for the weekend. It has tons of room for all my junk (trust me, there's lots of that) plus it's super cute! So go check out the rest of her stuff at www.secondstreetdesigns.etsy.com. And, no, she didn't put me up to this - I just think she's that good!


Testing 1, 2, 3.......

Just having a little fun with a new layout. Whatdya think?


Sorry.....no pics!

I know I promised some of you that I would post pictures from our little get-together on Friday night. Well, unforunately the batteries in my camera decided to die at the most inappropriate time. But thankfull Naphtali was there with her amazing photo skills to save the day!! Thanks, Napht! So if you're just dying to see some awesome snapshots of the evening.....click here.