It's almost February and I still haven't posted any pictures from my Christmas vacation at home. But rather than posting a hundred pictures, I'll just link you to my facebook photo album. Sorry to those of you who are already my friend on facebook and have seen these already - it's nothing new. And I guess that would just leave Jill. (time to get a facebook account already!)

I do have to say I got some great gifts this year. My family is awesome!! My first big surprise (well, I kinda guessed it) was a new hunting rifle. I guess the boys are sick of me begging to use their guns for deer season. Here she is in all her glory, my new Savage .243!!!

Another gift that I'm super excited about is this:

A sewing machine!!! And, yes, it's still in the box. A couple months before Christmas I just thought, "ya know, I'm pushing 30, it's high time I learn to sew." So I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. I think some people thought it was a joke. My brother Jordan is the one who gave it to me, laughing all the way! But the joke's on him. I'm signing up for Sewing 101 at Joann's and will be sewing him everything I can think of. Aprons, sweatpants.......well, that's all I can think of for now. And who knows, maybe I'll get so good, I'll run Naphtali right out of business! Ya right!


My Mom Made Me Do It

I've had good intentions. Really. I just got back on Sunday from being home for two whole weeks. And then I had to download all my pictures from my camera to the computer. And then edit them. Plus go to work. And the gym. And the bank. And the mall. And watch my Monday night TV. Then go to work again. And Target. And bible study. And eat and sleep.

And then my mom gets all up in my business about not posting something new on my blog. Like I just have all day to sit around and think about blogging.

So here it is, mother dearest, a new blog post. And a picture of Jace. Just like you asked. And if you could see me, I'm smiling while obeying!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!