Going Dark

So after about the fourth annoying spam comment I decided that it might be a good idea to add a little security to my blogging life. You're probably thinking, "Why? It's not like you ever blog." I get it. But it's still annoying.

So if you're reading this, you made it!! There may be a few others that I know, but that I don't know read my blog. So honestly if you hear of someone complaining that they're not going to know the latest and greatest in my life, you can let me know and I'll "invite" them to the cool club as well.


He's Baaaack...

..and sporting a new 'do. I guess as long as he's home, it doesn't matter what his hair looks like.
Jordan flew into Duluth from Fayetteville, NC, (previously from Iraq) on Saturday and dad and I were there to meet him. We had a great couple of days hanging out watching dad's Squirt A hockey team whoop up on Duluth and Proctor - mostly Jordan and I just enjoyed the music they played during the whistles. You had to be there! Let's just say Jordan was a little shocked I knew all the words to Ice Ice Baby! We also enjoyed some good food, shopping, and of course, the beautiful view of Lake Superior.

Welcome home, Jordy!!