Vacation? No Vacation?

Anna and I finally bit the bullet on Saturday and purchased our tickets to Fayeteville, NC. We're going to spend a long weekend in April with my brother, Jordan, at a friend's beach house (for free!) on the coast just north of Wilmington. I was soooo excited.

Until yesterday.

I got a call from Jordan at work asking if it was possible to switch the weekend we were coming. At first I was really irritated thinking he had a hockey tournament or something else going on that weekend. But it turns out he had just received orders 30 minutes prior that he was deploying to Iraq in ten days! TEN DAYS!! Another soldier that was scheduled to deploy got injured and Jordan is being sent to replace him. He'll be gone for approximately five months, so not quite as bad as the 15-month tour he finished just a year ago. But still.

So we're not sure at this point what's going to become of our little vacation weekend. I talked to the airline last night and it's going to cost just about $200 to change anything about our tickets. So possibly we'll still fly into Fayetteville, use Jordan's new truck (that he JUST purchased on Saturday), and spend the weekend at Myrtle Beach.

What a bummer though. So remember to keep Jordan in your prayers. He has a busy ten days -- or nine now -- ahead of him training and getting ready to ship out. He hasn't even worked on the equipment they're sending him over there to use.

And I'll for sure keep you posted on our vacation plans!


Spring ahead!

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. It's already time for Daylight Savings and I can't wait for that extra hour of daylight!! Spring is FINALLY coming! (even though we're supposed to get some snow this week - but we won't talk about that)


Sewing 101

Here she is in all her glory - my fabulous sewing machine (thanks again, Jordan!). Everyone was oogling over her in my Sewing 101 class that I took on Tuesday evening at Joann Fabrics. I didn't know the difference. But she gets the job done. I'm sure I'll come to appreciate her more as I learn what she can really do.

So far I've only made a couple pillows. There was no official project for our class, we were just told to play around and try sewing seams. But Grandma Marge had some of us granddaughters sew some pillows one year long ago for our moms for Mother's Day, and I remembered the basic gist of it. So this was the final product.

I've heard Walmart has cheap patterns, and this weekend Joann's is having a sale on some of their patterns. So I think I'll pick up a few "easy" ones and see what I can come up with. I might also just sign up for Sewing 201 and get a little more experience. This could be fun!!