It's just what I do........

Here's a little technical insight into what I do every day. (when I'm not painting my nails or blogging...)

From the deposition of a neuropsychologist:
A. May I give an example of this?
Q. Sure.
A. Okay. If you look -- and the example is this. Our brains are a miracle. Okay. They're a miracle that needs to be protected. And if you look at the court reporter right now, as an example, okay, this is a miracle in progress happening right before your eyes.

Let me just explain what she needs to do. I am speaking, so the information has to come in through her ear into her temporal lobe, and it has to go log itself into the language center. She has to be able to comprehend what I'm saying. Then it has to get rerouted to the prefrontal cortex where it has to hold -- she has to be able to hold the information, because, you know, I continuously talk so she has to hold it, right? Then she has to analyze it, integrate it and synthesize it. Then it has to go back to the cerebellum and she has to be able to execute this, and she has to be able to then convert my words into those little squiggly marks. Have you ever seen court reporters have little squiggly language things? So she has to convert it into a different language, and the white matter tracks allows her to reroute all of this information simultaneously without effort.

We take our brains for granted. She's sitting here. I'm probably talking too fast for her, but she's able to do this simultaneously. Seamlessly.

No animal on the planet can do this. All right. That's why I believe court reporters will never be replaced. Because no technical -- no technology could replace the beauty of that brain and the miracle of that brain. And that's why your brain should always be protected and you should take care of it.


The Weekend

Guess I'm a little slow at this blogging business. Sadly, the best time for me to blog is at work, but my computer doesn't have a usb drive for me to upload my pictures easily. And when I'm at home on my computer I usually forget. Anyway...here I am ready to blog about last weekend!

Anna and I got out our green thumbs on Friday night and went to the nursery to pick out flowers! It was so much fun! We filled our two tin barrels - one with pansies (they might be petunias, I get them mixed up) and the other with impatients. And then we put a shepherd's hook with a hanging plant in the middle and then hung another hanging plant on the corner of the roof of the house. I added the flags to border the flower bed - since it was Memorial Day and all and the 4th is soon approaching! Actually the flags will probably stay all summer - I think they're approprite, holidays or not! Our lilacs were blooming too, so we picked some lilacs and some of the blooms from our flowering crab tree. They look nice in our fancy wine glass!

Saturday morning I cleaned and swept out the garage (in case it rains on Friday during our party - we'll have a shelter). Then when Anna got home from work we planted the flowers. I also repainted the railing to the front door and the trim on the front window. Anna did some work on Monday too, transplanted some hostas from the backyard to the front and then planted some tomatoes, onions and red peppers in the backyard. She's more the gardener than I am. I think it all just looks pretty - she actually knows what she's doing! But needless to say, Steph was pretty impressed when she came home from the weekend and saw all the changes!


Office Politics?

On Tuesday my hilarious officemate, MaryJo, declared that we needed to name our plants. I've had a little plant I've been trying to grow since February that she reminds me daily to water. She thought it would be easier if the plants had names so she could say, "did you water so and so today?" instead of "did you water your plant?" So after thinking for a while I named my plant: Sprout! And I named hers Lurch. You can probably tell by the pictures which one is which. I think the reason Sprout isn't growing much is because Lurch is hogging all the sunlight. We'll see how the summer goes.

But one morning after I had been diligently watering and watering little Sprout I came to work and MaryJo had put the little plastic flower in my pot! I was like, "MaryJo, LOOK!!!" As soon as I said that I realized the flower was fake. She got me good!

And who says work can't be fun!?!



I'm back! I'm back! Wow, what a fun weekend in the sun! Gorgeous weather, beautiful beach, great ministry from the Word, and fabulous new friends and some old ones too! I won't bore you with details, so if there's something you're dying to know, feel free to ask! We spent three hours on Saturday just lying on the beach soaking in the sun and the amazing view. Jenn and I took a power walk on Sunday afternoon to work up a sweat and then since Jenn was fried from the day before, she covered up and laid on the beach while me and two new friends, Jenny and Kim, walked along the beach in the water!

Paul Bramsen was the speaker for the weekend. He shared a little on he and his wife's ministry in Senegal and then we spent the rest of the weekend in the tabernacle! Great messages! Fabulous weekend!


I caved!!

I finally succumbed (did I use that word right?) to the pressures of blogging!! I said I would never do it, but here I am. Guess that's what happens when you're THIS bored at work!

So it might take some time for it to look very pretty, but welcome to my blog!

I'm off tomorrow for a weekend of sunshine on Seabrook Island in South Carolina. I'll try to take some pics to post after the weekend. I'll be attending a bible conference held on the island, which is just outside of Charleston. I was there in November and had a fabulous time. The weekend promises to be in the 80's so I'm definitely looking forward to that and of course some great fellowship with other believers! Jenn and I fly out tomorrow morning.......so see you next week! Bon Voyage!!