Little Project...

So I've completed my first "major" project in my new house. There have been other major projects completed, but not by me. My amazing dad has replaced my front door (a PAINFUL all-day project) and installed a new garage door opener. And he's not necessarily a Mr. Fix-it either, but he loves me. And he's done an awesome job! I am so grateful! Thanks, Dad!!

Okay, back to my project. I decided to paint my downstairs bathroom. Every room in my house is the same camel color. So I thought I'd spice things up a bit, and I've forever wanted to paint a room gray. So here it is. Before, during and after. Whattya think?


November Desktop Calendars

I recently stumbled across this site, smashing magazine, that has awesome desktop calendars for free download. There's a ton of options for each month. I found it in the middle of October and didn't feel like changing it in the middle of the month. So I couldn't wait until November to change my desktop.

I'm a dork, so it's so exciting to turn on my computer every morning and see this pretty picture and have a calendar right on my desktop.

Plus if you can't decide on which one you like best, why not change it up a couple times throughout the month! There's some good ones on for November, so I might be making a switch in a couple weeks.